Chris Cosentino, the cycling chef

About a year ago, I started noticing more chefs getting into cycling – Top Chef Masters Neal Fraser and Chris Cosentino, specifically. I’m not talking about casual strolls through the neighborhood either. I saw them riding expensive carbon fiber road bikes on long rides, climbing big hills. I followed both on the Strava app (back…

spokes episode 2 :: back bay, newport beach

One of my favorite bike rides takes us from Peters Canyon Trail in Irvine into scenic Back Bay in Newport Beach. The winds tend to make things a little slow in spots, but the journey is well worth it. Music by Drake Stafford

spokes :: episode 1

In the first episode of Spokes, I take you on a short spin on my fixed gear bike through a couple of paths here in Irvine. Then we make a quick espresso with the Minipresso from Wacaco. Music by Drake Stafford Check out the Minipresso from Wacaco:


Have no doubt – I love the French. I love their food to be sure, but it’s their attitude toward life that I appreciate the most. Every July, I’m treated to a monthlong glimpse into the Parisian lifestyle as the Tour de France graces my television screen. Professional cycling and daily tours through the French…