2x Spicy Chicken Ramen


This stuff is marketed as the spiciest ramen available. It’s pretty hot, and very delicious. There’s a huge challenge all over the internet with people doing speed challenges to see who will finish first – or finish at all. It’s one of the spiciest bowls of noodles you can find. If you get a chance…

spokes episode 2 :: back bay, newport beach


One of my favorite bike rides takes us from Peters Canyon Trail in Irvine into scenic Back Bay in Newport Beach. The winds tend to make things a little slow in spots, but the journey is well worth it. Music by Drake Stafford https://soundcloud.com/drake_stafford https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/drake-stafford/id1115509289

spokes :: episode 1


In the first episode of Spokes, I take you on a short spin on my fixed gear bike through a couple of paths here in Irvine. Then we make a quick espresso with the Minipresso from Wacaco. Music by Drake Stafford https://soundcloud.com/drake_stafford https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/drake-stafford/id1115509289 Check out the Minipresso from Wacaco: http://www.wacaco.com

Potato Leek Soup


Today on My Life as a Foodie In the Kitchen we’re making Potato Leek Soup, or (served cold) vichyssoise to the French. Usually served cold in France, it’s a pureed soup of leeks, potatoes, cream, and chicken stock. I like to serve this soup warm, but then you can’t call it vichyssoise. To me, it’s…

Out To Lunch :: Snooze


Founded by two brothers in Denver with locations in Texas, Arizona, California, and Colorado, Snooze is an outside the box breakfast and brunch stop that is, safe to say, no Denny’s. With creative twists on American classics, a casual atmosphere, friendly staff, and relatively affordable prices, it’s a refreshing change to the doldrums of American…

Curing and Smoking Your Own Pastrami at Home


If there’s such a thing as Beef Bacon, this is it. Pastrami is stupid easy to make. This 3-minute video will show you how. Everything in this recipe can be purchased at a grocery store, with the exception of pink salt. That can be found online at sausagemaker.com or butcher-packer.com

out to lunch :: boiling point


[ watch the video ] This time on out to lunch we’re visiting Boiling Point in Irvine for Hot Pot, an Eastern Asian stew consisting of a simmering metal bowl of stock on a burner charged by Sterno filled with vegetables, tofu, blood cake, clams, cuttlefish, fish cakes, and other tasty treats. Unlike Shabu Shabu,…

out to lunch :: oki doki


[ watch the video ] The name may sound ridiculous, but this Japanese restaurant is one my favorite places to slip into, enjoy a quiet lunch (or dinner) of authentic Japanese food. On this episode of Out To Lunch we’re enjoying Zaru Soba – cold soba noodles with a shoyu-based dipping broth, a couple of…

dude food :: beef sausages


[ watch the video ] Summer is at our doorstep, so in this episode of Dude Food I’ll show you how to make sausage – specifically, beef sausage. Making sausage requires some gear, but it’s exceptionally easy to prepare. You can grill it, boil it, sauté it – however you like it prepared. It’s like…

out to lunch :: the bruery provisions


[ watch the show ] This time on Out To Lunch we visit The Bruery Provisions, located at 143 North Glassell Street in Orange, CA. It’s a specialty market and tasting room devoted to serving the finest in craft beer, wine, cheese, and a wide array of specialty foods. They’re a branch of The Bruery,…