Elevated Roast

My brother Chuck joins the show to discuss all things coffee as he launches his new coffee roasting company Elevated Roast. Like most artisans, his passion for roasting coffee started as a hobby over a decade ago and it didn’t take long for that passion to turn into a profession.

I also share my experience roasting coffee at home. As part of my research for the show, I wanted to know how it all works. I wanted to know what steps home roasters have to take to get started, what materials are required, how to order green beans, and what common mistakes they make when starting out. Trust me, I made all of those mistakes – and then some.

Chuck knows practically everything there is to know about what makes the difference between an acceptable roast and an exceptional roast. I can tell you with great certainty that his beans are the latter. Visit elevatedroast.com to order fresh roasted beans that will change your perspective on coffee.

Subterranean by Minnesota
Driftin’ (Birocratic Remix) by Griz