Albert Adria

He’s lived in the shadow of his brother most of his life, and now he’s building an empire of his own. For decades, when people thought of El Bulli, it was synonymous with Ferran Adria. But those who knew the inner workings of that project were well aware that it was Albert who was responsible for its success all along.

Season 5 of Chef’s Table is available now on Netflix, and Albert is the focus of one of the episodes. I’ve done my best to share a few audio clips from it, however few there are. Most of the episode is in Spanish. When Albert decided to make a solo effort, he did his best to abandon what he’d grown to be known for. It almost killed his new restaurant ‘Tickets’ and it wasn’t until he embraced his love of Avant-Garde cuisine that he began to build a legacy all his own.

High (Bassnectar Remix) – Rusko
The Next Episode (Hold Up Remix) – Minnesota