Candy Cane Beets – coming this Winter


As much as I love the entrance of Fall, it carries with it a sense of sadness. The activity of our Summer garden has simmered to a whimper, the plants die off, and we’re saddled with the task of removing almost everything that has given us so much produce during those bright Summer days.

With the number of empty spaces left, it’s time to think about what we might grow this Fall/Winter. For us, it’s all about things that grow in the ground – beets, turnips, parsnips, radishes, and potatoes.

One of my favorite things to plate are colorful beets – always shaved paper thin and served raw. And there’s no prettier a beet than the Candy Cane beet.

An Italian heirloom from the town of Chioggia, Candy Cane beets have been around since the early 1800s. Beautiful, sweet, and perfect for holiday salads, the sliced roots look like bull’s-eyes of dark pink and white.

I recently planted several seeds of many varieties and they all went OFF! They’re dying to get outside, into the ground, and begin their journey to our table.