out to lunch :: oki doki

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The name may sound ridiculous, but this Japanese restaurant is one my favorite places to slip into, enjoy a quiet lunch (or dinner) of authentic Japanese food.

On this episode of Out To Lunch we’re enjoying Zaru Soba – cold soba noodles with a shoyu-based dipping broth, a couple of Maki Rolls (hand rolls – like a Japanese sandwich without the peanut butter & jelly), and small bowls of rice topped with marinated tuna and Unagi (grilled eel).

At the Tustin location, they make their own udon and soba noodles in-house. And if you know Don & I at all, you know that we’re both noodle whores, so we fit right in. This is NOT that 50 cent dried package of ramen you survived on in College. This is real authentic hand made soba, and there simply is no comparison.

13681 Newport Avenue # 9
Tustin, CA.