episode 95 :: eat more, weigh less

When you change your lifestyle, you change your life. And perhaps my recent lifestyle change has overturned my life as a foodie – in a good way, of course.

On my road to better health (and better shape) I’ve learned many things. I’ve learned how to maximize my time on the bicycle or in running shoes to burn as many calories as I can, in as little time as possible. I’ve learned about life balance, good fat versus bad, how to raise my metabolism, and when my body is most susceptible to burning fat.

But the most important lesson? That eating more often helps you lose weight. They say that weight loss takes baby steps. It also takes baby meals – several of them a day. Forget the fat burning pills, the special diets, the shakes. All you need is to stock your house with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and protein. It’s something I’ve known for years. I just didn’t listen until now.

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In this episode:
• The hot dog truck hooker
Evil Cousin IPA from Heretic Brewing
• How I raised by metabolism, got my life back, and stayed a foodie
• Chris Cosentino no longer wishes to be on TV
• The good and bad thing about Food Network
• Add another food writer to Bourdain’s shit list
Cosentino’s book “Beginnings”is available now, and it’s not what you expect

Watch the rejected TV pilot for Cosentino’s show “Chef Unleashed”:

Pea porn. Get them while they’re fresh.