episode 93 :: the sh!t show

I get it a lot. “How do you know that you don’t like things if you haven’t tasted them?” True. Everything deserves a chance, right?

On today’s show, I’ll fix all of that. I taste it, drink it, cook it, and live with the consequences. From a beer I swear would never pass my lips, a hamburger from the Evil Empire, to a recipe from a Food Network personality I never thought I’d give a second thought to – I give everything a chance this time.

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In this episode:
• Jiro Dreams of Sushi is a must-see documentary. No sh!t.
• BEER REVIEW: Bud Light Platinum
• The drinking club with a running problem
• IN THE KITCHEN: Sandra Lee’s French Pork Chops are mmm-mmm-bad!
• Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Nuggets Experiment
• FOOD REVIEW: McDonald’s Angus Supreme Burger

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DIY by Savoy

The Geometer of Dreams by Darshan Ambient

Walking On A Dream by Empire of the Sun