dude food :: episode 7 :: french fries

As easy to make as they are to completely screw up, french fries (otherwise known as “chips” in England, “frites” in France) is a side dish that goes with just about anything. A hamburger is lonely without a pile of fries next to it, and they’re the perfect compliment to that steak we cooked in the last episode.

The recipe is simple, because there really isn’t one. It’s all about procedure. The reason your fries have had performance anxiety issues all this time is because of one thing you’re not doing – blanching. You’ve probably been making a very common mistake – cooking the potatoes in oil until they’re crispy, seasoning them, and serving.

Wrong. That’s why you’ve got a limp noodle at the dinner table, my friend.

It’s easy. Slice a nice fat russet potato into 1/2 inch strips, drop the strips into peanut oil at 280° F for 5-8 minutes, take them out, heat the oil back up to 375° F and cook them again for another 2-3 minutes. When they’re done, drain, season with sea salt, and your crispy golden fries are ready for mass consumption.

Whether you decide to use a heavy-bottomed pot or invest in a tabletop deep fryer, make sure you use a lot of oil. An inch or two of oil in a pan is not going to cut it. The fries need to float, and they don’t like a crowd either. Follow my simple instructions, and you’ll be well on your way to making fries that will rival those at any fast food restaurant.