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Some guys can hit high heat fast balls over the center field wall at 410 feet. They can build skyscrapers, satellites, supercomputers, and drill hundreds of miles of road through a mountain. But for some of you, when it comes to something as simple as cooking a proper steak, the wheels suddenly come off the cart.

This time on Dude Food, I’m here to assist those of you who manage to screw up a perfectly good piece of beef every time you take it to the grill.

By following some simple guidelines, buying the right kind of steak, and paying close attention to cooking times, you’ll be enjoying grilled beef the way it should be enjoyed.

Use a simple rub, or salt and pepper – no wet marinades or sauces needed. Make sure you’re using a hot surface, so you can provide a perfect sear for your meat (so the juices don’t drip out, and you don’t end up steaming the damned thing), turn it over only once, and let it rest for 10 minutes after taking it off the grill.

Cooking a steak properly could not be more simple. Now enjoy your steak, and get back to being awesome.

10 thoughts on “dude food :: episode 6 :: steak

  1. Dang, dude – your production quality on this one is fantastic! Such a great presence here – comfy, informative and light. Cheers, man!

  2. Thanks guys! I appreciate your feedback, and compliments. This format seems more laid back, and easier for me to focus on the individual steps for very simple dishes.

  3. If any dude screws up a steak after watching this should hand his tongs over to his wife. Great production and damn you for making me hungry when I wake up.

    hooray meat!

  4. Very good instructional video Phil! Also, I really like that pan. I’m going to have to find me one. Cheers!

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