episode 71 :: think outside the BS

This is probably going to sound strange to anyone who listens, but I’m actually coming to Taco Bell’s defense in this week’s episode. Not because I think it’s OK that they serve “88% beef, 12% filler” in their tacos and burritos, or because I own Taco Bell stock (although that would be ironic). No, I’m defending them this week because anyone who was truly shocked to find out that their “Taco Meat Filling” was not simply seasoned ground beef is naive and in need of a serious education.

What occurred last week changed nothing. In fact, it gave Taco Bell the kind of publicity that they haven’t seen since their chihuahua shook its 9-pound ass down Madison Avenue. Those that eat Taco Bell on a regular basis are aware that the 50-cent tacos they’re enjoying aren’t loaded with quality meat. And guess what? They don’t care. In fact, they’re probably going back there tomorrow for lunch.

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In this episode:
• The new season of Bizarre Foods is the best yet
• Pangaea from Dogfish Head
• The Taco Bell fiasco
• Mail Bag
• Sexual Enhancement remedies from other cultures will make your breath strong
• Michael Symon defends “the outside aisles”

7 thoughts on “episode 71 :: think outside the BS

  1. I love how they came out and embraced it. They had guts, and humor. I found it refreshing, though I am seldom on the side of big anything I think they did a good job.

    And duh, with food that cheap you shouldn’t ask questions. I would venture to guess that the ones having a stink about it are the one who don’t eat there anyway, the others are still there. Therefor you should probably keep your stock 😉

  2. Phillie, great show. I guess the best way to sum up your talks on Taco Bell and what Brother Symon was saying is conscious eating. Know what you are shoveling into your hole and be prepared for the consequences, good or bad.Treat your body like a Toyota Land Cruiser, not a Ferrari F1 race car. Try and take care of it but occasional roughness is not going to kill you. Just be smart about what you’re doing and don’t drive off a culinary cliff.

    Zimmer is great. We get him down here on a Travel and Living channel. Always entertaining. Oh, you’d love the enhancement remedy here in Brazil, bone marrow soup. Yummmm!

    Can’t wait for the next ep, keep ’em comming!


  3. I am so with you on the whole Taco Bell beef ridiculousness! REALLY, people?! You expected more from a .39 taco? Maybe that it would be 100% Angus beef? I am constantly amazed at what goes on in this country. Thanks for adding some reality to he unreality of this situation. I choose to not eat fast food of any kind because I have serious doubts about what is in any of it.

  4. Maybe your funniest show in a while. Agree with you 100% on the Taco Bell mess. Whoever decides to eat their gets what they pay for, and complaining about what’s in a 39 cent taco is just plain dumb.

  5. Great show, Phil.

    People act like this is really food. Do yourselves a favor and avoid it. Taco Bell is only worried about their bottom line, as you said in the show. If they didn’t, they’d be making a healthier product. People are acting like suddenly it’s supposed to be Whole Foods, not Taco Bell.

    – Bill

  6. Thanks for your responses, everyone. Glad we’re all on the same page here. I’m sure this will be another forgettable PR stunt in the long run.

  7. Thank you! It was the dumbest (lastest) thing
    people amazing got their briefs in a bundle over…
    Hmmm…I wonder how much a street taco made of chopped head is?…probably less than .39…
    Possibly…On the Next Episode of Dude Food?! 🙂
    Great show.

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