episode 35 :: viva la revolution


I have been to the top of mountain of Southern California restaurants and it is none other than The Bazaar by Jose Andres. In this episode, I describe what is, without question, one of the most exciting meals of my life (thanks to Peter and Jo at My Last Bite). It’s traditional Spanish Tapas meets modern day molecular cooking. Complete with a report from FOX 11 News, I will do my best to bring my experience at The Bazaar to you.

The President and First Lady are already working toward making fresh food a priority for our country – a broad step in the right direction, and the beginning of a new food revolution. Finally, my addiction to duck and goose liver leads me to pit James Bond against Anthony Bourdain in the ultimate Fois Gras battle.

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In this episode:
• Anthony Bourdain sheds his angst and writes a poetic letter to his new BFF – Rachael Ray
• A blow-by-blow of our recent trip to Jose Andres’ “The Bazaar”
• President Obama elects a new head of the FDA
• First Lady Michelle Obama breaks ground on the new White House vegetable garden
• Signs of a new food revolution upsets Sir Michael Ruhlman
• James Bond and Tony Bourdain in the ultimate fois gras smackdown

Music in this episode by Saliva. Download the song in the iTunes store.


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12 thoughts on “episode 35 :: viva la revolution

  1. Phil, perhaps your best episode ever. It’s always entertaining, but this was also informative. The bazaar sounds like a unique experience. If I ever find myself in the LA area, I’ll be sure to make reservations for it. From the other things I’ve read it’s very in demand and hard to get a table. Good sign.

    Your fois gras smackdown was also very funny. I have never had it or seen it on a menu, but you make it sound delicious.

  2. Well produced show, again Phil. I love the Fois Gras discussion. True, it is hard to find but when you do it’s quite delicious. Have you tried the chicken pate from Trader Joes? That’s the closest I’ll ever come to getting anything like fois gras.

    My girlfriend and I visited DC not long ago and we drove by Jose Andereas restaurant there, but didn’t get in. From what I’ve seen of both places, it doesn’t look like it’s too expensive, since you can order as little or as much as you want. The news piece you ran sounds like it was a hectic place. She sounded rushed.

  3. Loved the review of the bazaar, Phil. Wish I lived near there. It sounds like a great experience for anyone who wants to try new things.

    Cannot say I agree with your liking of liver, though. That’s just not on the radar of things I want to eat. But if PETA is against it, I’m all for it. They annoy me so much. But as you have said in earlier episodes, they do some good sometimes.

    Good to hear the new administration is getting the food safety situation squared away. It desperately needs attention.

  4. Thanks for your comments, everyone. I know defending Fois Gras sounds a bit elitist, since it is an expensive item, but when food items start getting banned for any reason, it’s cause for alarm. Even if it was bad for you (which it isn’t) I couldn’t see the logic in banning it.

    I wanted to clear one thing up that I wasn’t eloquent enough about during the segment regarding the NY Times article on the new food revolution. Michael Ruhlman was upset at the fact that this was making such news, when it really should not be that big of a deal. It does show how disconnected we are, and that’s true, as I said on the show. But in countries like France, this doesn’t make news. And the reason it doesn’t is because they’re not disconnected from eating fresh things on a regular basis. It’s status quo there. So he basically felt like just going away because of how embarrassing it is that this is such a big deal. And I agree with that. Hopefully, soon it won’t be.

  5. As usual, great show and thanks for the shout.

    At first I thought this might have been an April fools episode because it was posted so close to it.

    That is great that the first lady is growing the V garden, maybe this will spur more people into doing it. I thought it was a bit much though when she said, “I want the people that visit to have the freshest vegetables available.” HOW BIG IS THIS GARDEN. Can you imagine the head of state dinner and the First lady and Sasha scrambling to pick 250 lbs. of tomato, potatoes, and carrots. The chef screaming, “I need ze onion for ze mirepoix.”

    Great stuff!


    Listening to your show allowed me to experience the Bazaar all over again! And thanks for not giving me shit about not loving brussels sprouts! They were fine, but I’d rather save room for the Foie Gras Cotton Candy next time!

    Going to download Saliva asap.


  7. Thanks for your comments, Peter and Jo! It was fun reliving that evening in my head as I talked about it. I can’t wait to see you guys again. No shame in not eating Brussels Sprouts, especially when there’s so much fois gras to eat. I guess we need to eat it while we can. I just read this morning that animal rights groups have been protesting OC restaurants that serve it.

    Kirk, I received a few emails last week saying the same thing you did – that they thought since my show was released so close to April 1st, that they thought it might be an April Fool’s joke, so they hesitated before downloading it. I hope everyone who follows the show knows that I would never do that. I’m beginning to despise April Fools Day.

    The picture that you drew of the head of state dinner at the white house was very funny. 🙂 I imagine they’ll consider themselves lucky to provide salads and a few sides of vegetables during the week with that garden, but it’s a very good step in the right direction. Thanks again for your comments, and for the inspiration!

  8. dude, you keep out-doing yourself. you were making me drool describing the bazaar. spanish, tapas, molecular cooking, art…sounds like my kind of place. hope to get there someday 😀

    that bourdain rant reminded me of this part in his “nasty bits” book about how a kind purveyor of a small, independent gourmet foods shop had his shop trashed because they carried foie gras.

    ramsey had a interesting, short bit on ethical foie gras on the f-word last week:

    roger moore… fuck ‘im, connery will always be the best bond 😀

    ps. here’s that cookbook i was talking about
    one of the best i’ve come across, along with ruhlman’s.

  9. Thanks Nik! I put that book in my Amazon shopping cart. And thanks for the link to the Ramsey bit. I haven’t seen the F-word in a while, so I missed that one.

    And yes, Connery was the best Bond. I do like Daniel Craig, though. These last two movies have re-ignited my interest in 007. Not that it ever waned. Before Casino Royale came out, there were discussions from the set about how he wasn’t going to carry it very well. He’s a major ass kicker, though. I dig it.

  10. Phil, first of all you need to keep in mind that Roger Moore’s mind is mush right now. Probably from watching too much Hulu. In his mind I bet PETA told him that if he did the ad he could snuggle with Pam Anderson.

    As for The Bazaar, I’m am SO jealous you have a great place like this on your coast. I swear Pittsburgh is so lacking some days when I think of all the deep fried food and meals on the run joints. Jose sounds like a genius. I’ve been to a few tapas places here and none have impressed me. Usually overpriced and overcooked. BTW, philly sucks 🙂

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