Episode 30 :: A New Beginning

A New Beginning

The birth of a new year always brings hope of new things, and certainly new beginnings. In this episode, we dismiss 2008 as a distant memory, discuss all of the exciting things that happened over Christmas (including some new food revelations of my own), a great new food blogger that I’ve started following, my first foray into the world of making Ice Cream, new things to look for on the show this Spring, and a whole lot more. We’ll discuss the keys to making authentic Cassoulet, and drink a great beer courtesy of our friend Scott.

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In this episode:
• What I got for Christmas (more than you, I’ll tell you that)
• Ice Cream in December – total comfort food
• Exciting new shows ahead, including a visit from HogDawg
• Berliner Weiss from New Glarus (thanks Scott!)
• The key ingredients to making Duck Confit, and authentic Cassoulet
• Burger King’s FLAME body spray
• The hairy crab – China’s economic barometer
• The Parmigiano-Reggiano industry bail out
• Jo at “My Last Bite” is perhaps the coolest and kindest person in the entire blogesphere (visit her two blogs My Last Bite and Food Whores)
• Diving head first into Molecular Gastronomy . . . excuse me, “Cooking”
• A bacon lovers wet dream
• YELP is actually a big waste of time

Music in this episode from Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Andian.

Happy New Year, kids. Here’s to great things!

15 thoughts on “Episode 30 :: A New Beginning

  1. Great show man… here here to new beginnings… And I think that image up above looks familiar haha!!

  2. Happy New Year Phil! Thanks for the show. Great content and great music. I tried the New Glarus Berliner Weiss at the tasting room in their new brewery just outside the town of New Glarus. It was still a work in progress, but Deb and Dan Carey definitely know what they want and are not compromising a thing. You should see all the stainless steel – I’m sure it’s miles of piping. They are making it look like a European village which compliments the Swiss town of New Glarus. They have a really nice rock garden area for resting or waiting.

    Berliner Weiss actually gets my stomach rolling due to the acidity, but that doesn’t stop me from having some.

    I had Duck confit last year and still remember it. It was so rich that a few mouthfuls were satisfying. Fantastic stuff (who would ever think of saying that about bird feet!?).

    I loved the line from the movie “Network”. Seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Prost! And thanks for the continuing inspiration to keep cooking. I’m slooooowly getting into it.

  3. Great to hear you back, Phil. The entire discussion of molecular gastronomy is fascinating and I can hear your passion for it when you speak. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do.

    The My Last Bite blog is great. I’ve bookmarked that one. Isn’t it great when someone can make something you’ve thought was impossible possible? High Five!

    Love the music too. I’ll definitely download that song. Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year! Sounds like you had quite a time. The bean dish looks wonderful. We’ll have to try that sometime. Wintertime is always the best time for one pot dishes and stews.

    I know Yelp has become popular. Sites like that have given wanna-be restaurant critics a quick, cheap, effective way to tear a restaurant to pieces. It’s hard to damage a well-known restaurant, especially one that has an established zagat rating. But newer, smaller places like the hole in the wall Pho eateries that you mention are the places that are going to take it in the rear. Imagine if a group of Yelpers got together and ate at a place together and they each wrote a review. That’s 4 or 5 bad reviews right there. There’s zero accountability.

    Just my 2 cents.


  5. Thanks for your comments, everyone.

    RayRay, you make great points. I think it’s healthy to have an opinion, but when it could possibly cost a small restaurant business I think it’s damaging. To think that the reputation of a mom & pop joint could be destroyed by a teenager with a chip on his shoulder is a scary thought indeed. Although, I think a lot of these places don’t give a rat’s ass about Yelp.

    Wheeler, thanks for checking out Jo’s blog. She’s got a true gift, and her stories are great. She obviously knows her way around the LA eating scene – far more than anyone else I’ve encountered. And she’s met Ferran Adria, which must have been a real treat.

    Rick, I wonder if you were the only one who knew where that sound byte came from. Maybe we should skip the Horror movies and do an Oscar Movie Quote Game next time. 🙂

    Jo, thanks again for everything.

  6. Wow some serious love for the Gambler. I can understand, he’s a cuddly guy 🙂

    I stay away from Yelp and most general review sites because of childish reviews. Currently I look at the menu’s online and see if there are any pics from Flickr… or Food Network makes yet another trip to Pittsburgh to fill space.

    Great job Phil! I’m going to check out Jo’s sites and shoot you an IM about an idea I have for some ice cream. Actually, I may include Gambler since he’s into it.

    I have some beverages I need to send you.


  7. I think your idea kicks all kinds of funky ass, dude. I have never seen anything like that in the market, unless you go to Frozen Yogurt, but what fun is that?

    Thanks for your comments, and for listening. Anytime you feel like sending me some wet stuff, I’m ready.

  8. Chris,

    Thanks for the link to that site. The photography is really really good. Looks like someone’s gearing up for some magazine work. 🙂 I love good food photography like that.

    Appreciate you listening, and for hanging with me after Dude Night rode off into the sunset. I know this show is nothing like that, but I’ve done my best to keep it guy-friendly.

    Cheers man. Go Pens!


  9. 30 shows, wow! Happiest of New Years to you Phil. Love the show as always. Seems you always manage to squeeze a long range of topics into 45 minutes with zero commercials. LOL!

    Gotta agree with your assessment of the BK FLAME spray. Since when did chicks dig the scent of obesity? I’d just as soon put my hand on the grill and go with that. Great marketing from BK once again.

    It’s great to hear that you’re getting into making ice cream too. My wife and I made ice cream a few times without even having a machine. We followed a recipe and froze it in metal ice cube trays. Metal conducts and transfers the cold across the custard quicker/easier. The trick is it takes MORE attention than using a standard freezer. Freeze the ice cream mix for 1 1/2 to 2 hours and then beat the hell out of it with your hand mixer for about 2 minutes on high speed. Return to the freezer and repeat every hour on the hour for the next two hours.

  10. Excellent informative show once again, Phil. I will have to check out the other blogs you mentioned. Sounds like a really great time to be getting into something new like this.

    After reading your other post and hearing you talk about it, I am tempted to try duck confit. My wife and I swore off cooking duck many years ago because it was one thing that just never turned out for us, and the last time we did it was the worst. I have had duck confit a few times and it is really good. If only I could be assured that it would work better than my other attempts with duck.

    Great show, and I loved the audio with Bourdain.

    Cheers to you my friend.

  11. What a great play on words, “Stocking Stuffer” in reference to your stock-making bags. New Glarius makes some killer “romance beers” as in the Belgium Red (Cherry) and the Raspberry Tart. Have not had the privy to drink the Berliner Weiss. Berliner Weisse, what a great story. We will be doing it on GBS 168 tomorrow. Here is some info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berliner_weisse . Molecular Cooking blows my mind as with your latest post. I love your show.


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