Eat. Go. Repeat.


My Life as a Foodie has been retired. I encourage you to listen to my new podcast Eat. Go. Repeat. Focusing on fitness and nutrition, I hope to dispel any notion that living a healthy lifestyle means the food you eat has to suck. That’s simply not true, and I’ll prove it to you. For…

Growing Sprouts


Now that the colder months are upon us, the number of fruits and vegetables that you can grow outdoors in your garden will make a very short list. This is the season for greenhouse window gardening, and there’s nothing easier to grow indoors than sprouts. Fresh sprouts grown at home are delicious, healthy, stupid easy,…

Quick and Easy Energy Bars


Combine these ingredients in a mixing bowl: 1 cup of oats (or granola) 1/4 cup of chopped nuts (your choice, or leave them out) 3 tablespoons of flaxseeds 1/4 cup of chopped dried fruit (again, your choice) 1/3 cup of peanut butter 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract Then, heat 1/4 cup of rice syrup and…

Carrot Soup Latte


It wasn’t long ago that I posted a simple recipe for carrot soup. Recently, I made it again as a small first dish before our main meal, this time serving it in a coffee cup and topping it with frothy lavender-infused cream. You drink it like you would a cup of coffee – no spoon….

Pickled Grapes


I talked about these amazing grapes from Chef Duskie Estes years ago, when Katrina and I visited the now defunct Bovolo restaurant in Sonoma for brunch. I know the idea sounds ridiculous at first, but what you end up with are crisp, spicy, intense little bastards that go well alongside a breakfast sandwich, panini, or…

Italian Wedding Soup


I’m a soup whore. I don’t think I’ve met a soup I haven’t liked. That goes for any one-pot dish, actually. I like anything that can be made with minimal effort, using fresh ingredients, far in advance, heated up at a moments notice and served when everyone’s finally ready to eat. Despite what you might…

Guilt-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies


I’m sure the title turned you off right away, didn’t it? Well, don’t be put off because these cookies are kid-proven and dead delicious. When I make them, the first batch out of the oven doesn’t even have a chance to completely cool before they disappear. I’ve tried several versions of this cookie – one…



Of all of the many things I’ve been able to pull off during my years of playing around in the kitchen, nothing gave me more trouble than making pizzeria quality pizza. It wasn’t the pizza itself, per se. My pizza always tasted fine – great, in fact. I received very few complaints from anyone on…

The Beer Mile


Anyone who runs regularly can tell you what their fastest mile time is. Mine is 6:10. I did it once, full sprint, and didn’t run a step further after that. I simply wanted to know how quickly I could run a single mile, giving it all that I had. That’s not an impressive time by…



Body issues – they’re not just for women anymore. Somewhere along the line, the modern man has gradually embraced the idea of what masculinity is in the modern era. The result? Low self esteem. And it’s driving men to consume over-the-counter body building supplements to improve their bodies. That’s not the problem, though. Ever heard…