Red Snapper


I’ve been expounding on the benefits of seafood a lot recently, and that’s because I’ve grown to appreciate it not only for the healthy properties it brings to my diet, but the flexibility it provides me when I’m looking for alternate sources of protein. Truth be told, it does tend to get boring when it’s…

Bacon-wrapped Salmon


FACT: Salmon is good for you. It’s a great source of protein, so it helps build muscle. It’s good for your heart. It has cancer fighting capabilities. It aids in muscle functioning, boosts brain function and can even help prevent macular degeneration in your eyes. FACT: Not everyone likes salmon. People either love it, or…

Chef’s Table


I gave up on The Food Network so many years ago, I can’t even remember the last time I actually watched it for any entertainment value other than to lift some audio I could use on my podcast to further ridicule the network. Where and when it failed to be relevant is beyond me. Suffice…

Eat Me Raw: Root Vegetable Salad


I never gave eating root vegetables raw serious thought until I saw Chris Cosentino feature his recipe for Dirty Vegetables in his book Beginnings: My Way To Start a Meal. The idea of eating any vegetable raw has always appealed to me because it’s common knowledge that you get all of the nutrients from anything you…

Can the canned food


Photo courtesy of CNN is reporting that an outbreak of botulism has left a woman in Ohio dead and sickened about 28 more people. The culprit? Canned food. I know that I sound like a broken record on the subject, but shopping the inside aisles of the grocery store for foods other than dry…



We’re joined on the show by Debbie Rose of Fine Sconehenge Baking Company. Debbie is dedicated to baking only the finest all-natural & handmade desserts for her customers. Her products are known for their simple flavors. You can taste the nuts, the berries, the oats because the sugar doesn’t overwhelm you. Nothing contains high-fructose corn…

episode 101 :: one more for the road


I felt it was necessary to bring the show back today for two reasons – the first reason being an explanation of why I ended the show when I did in the Fall of 2012.  The second reason being to catch you up with the fallout after that day, and how my “life” as a…

episode 100 :: finale


This project has always had an end point, and that end point is here. Since we started this journey together in the early Summer months of 2007, I have set out to learn as much as I could about food, food culture, and the truth behind what we put on our tables every single day….

episode 99 :: ludo bites


Before hitting a pivotal 100th episode, I wanted to do something special and devote a show to a chef I admire, a friend, a unique artist — Ludo Lefebvre. With his new book being released next week, Ludo Bites: Recipes and Stories from the Pop-Up Restaurants of Ludo Lefebvre, we were able to visit with…

out to lunch :: boiling point


[ watch the video ] This time on out to lunch we’re visiting Boiling Point in Irvine for Hot Pot, an Eastern Asian stew consisting of a simmering metal bowl of stock on a burner charged by Sterno filled with vegetables, tofu, blood cake, clams, cuttlefish, fish cakes, and other tasty treats. Unlike Shabu Shabu,…