Italian Wedding Soup


I’m a soup whore. I don’t think I’ve met a soup I haven’t liked. That goes for any one-pot dish, actually. I like anything that can be made with minimal effort, using fresh ingredients, far in advance, heated up at a moments notice and served when everyone’s finally ready to eat. Despite what you might…

Guilt-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies


I’m sure the title turned you off right away, didn’t it? Well, don’t be put off because these cookies are kid-proven and dead delicious. When I make them, the first batch out of the oven doesn’t even have a chance to completely cool before they disappear. I’ve tried several versions of this cookie – one…



Of all of the many things I’ve been able to pull off during my years of playing around in the kitchen, nothing gave me more trouble than making pizzeria quality pizza. It wasn’t the pizza itself, per se. My pizza always tasted fine – great, in fact. I received very few complaints from anyone on…

The Beer Mile


Anyone who runs regularly can tell you what their fastest mile time is. Mine is 6:10. I did it once, full sprint, and didn’t run a step further after that. I simply wanted to know how quickly I could run a single mile, giving it all that I had. That’s not an impressive time by…



Body issues – they’re not just for women anymore. Somewhere along the line, the modern man has gradually embraced the idea of what masculinity is in the modern era. The result? Low self esteem. And it’s driving men to consume over-the-counter body building supplements to improve their bodies. That’s not the problem, though. Ever heard…

Fruit Jerky


Fruit Jerky (AKA the “Fruit Roll-up”) was invented for people who have kids who, for one reason or another, simply don’t want to bite into fruit. Puréed and dehydrated in sheets, they’re the equivalent of baby food sucked dry of moisture with intense flavor. But they’re not just for kids anymore. If you’re on the…



Some days you have to ask yourself why we bother preparing our own food. Is it because we’re simply too cheap to buy it someplace else? Are we control freaks? Or is it because some things just taste better when we’re able to control the ingredients? To be honest, maybe it’s a little of all…

Grilled Vegetable Pita Sandwich


Still doing that “Meatless Monday” thing? Yeah, me neither. Listen, if you’re eating enough vegetables throughout the week, there’s no reason to take a day off of eating meat if meat is what you want. Make this. It’s easy. Grill some eggplant, onion, and bell pepper. Split a piece of pita bread in half, lather…

Curing and Smoking Your Own Pastrami at Home


If there’s such a thing as Beef Bacon, this is it. Pastrami is stupid easy to make. This 3-minute video will show you how. Everything in this recipe can be purchased at a grocery store, with the exception of pink salt. That can be found online at or